Podcasts of Symposium on Methodologies for the History of Computing in the Humanities, c.1949-1980 now available!

University College London, 17 September 2011 (Sponsored by HKFZ and UCLDH)

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Opening Keynote : Beyond chronology and profession: discovering how to write a history of the Digital Humanities

Willard McCarty, Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London; Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney.

Knowledge Spaces and Digital Humanities

Claudine Moulin, Universitaet Trier, Germany.

Unwriting the history of Humanities Computing

Edward Vanhoutte, Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature - Ghent, Belgium.

Crowd sourcing: beyond the traditional, boundaries of academic history

Melissa Terras, Dept. Information Studies, UCL.

Different stories to be lived and told: recovering Lehmann James Oppenheimer (1868-1916) for the narrative of the Irish Arts & Crafts movement (1894-1925)

James G.R. Cronin, School of History & Centre for Adult Continuing Education, University College Cork, Ireland.

Oral History and acts of recovery: humanizing history?

Andrew Flinn, Dept. Information Studies, UCL.

Lost origins of Information Science

Vanda Broughton, Dept. Information Studies, UCL.

DH pioneers and progeny: some reflections on generational accomplishment and engagement in the Digital Humanities

Ray Siemens, Faculty of Humanities, University of Victoria. (Virtual presentation)

Closing Keynote: Data vs. Text: forty years of confrontation

Lou Burnard, Oxford University Computing Services (Emeritus).

Discussion: towards an oral history of Computing in the Humanities, Chaired by Anne Welsh and Julianne Nyhan, Dept. Information Studies, UCL


Julianne Nyhan

Deputy Director of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities; Programme Director of the MA/MSc in Digital Humanities; Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Information Studies, UCL Department of Information Studies.

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